A History, Past and Going Forward


The year was 1975. It began with two very enthusiastic young women who had a dream: to develop a dog training school that would serve the needs of as many dog owners as possible. The dream developed slowly.

The school was called “Blue Springs Dog Training Center”, after the kennel name of the founders’ Shetland Sheepdog show breeding concern. The first location was a former warehouse on Rio Grande, right next to the railroad tracks, just North of Belleview Avenue in Littleton, Colorado. The duo put up dry wall, and with the help from friends and some paint, a dreary, dark, dirty building was turned into a bright, light blue and white training center. This color scheme is still being used.

During the late 70s, four trainers taught classes two mornings and evenings each week. Over the next decade, more trainers and days were added to the Center schedule. We now have a staff of 25 trainers and offer classes every day of the week. To adapt to the increasing demand, the training center had several locations between 1975 and 1984.

Our present location at 2980 W. Oxford Avenue has been home to “Blue Springs ‘n Katydid Dog Training Center, Inc.” since 1989. It was at this time “Katydid” was added to the name for the school. Now the Corporation carries the kennel names of both owners.

The Center is designed to be comfortable year around, and is air conditioned during the summer for the comfort of both canines and humans. The floors are totally matted. The area is well lighted inside and out. Crating space is available for students bringing more than one dog to class at a time.

The Center has a library, newly renovated to be more user friendly. The library is available to students during hours classes are in session. We have a full complement of breed, training, and behavior books, the AKC Gazette, other breed magazines, seminar videos and many new training videos. Students are welcome to use our educational materials AT our location, or they may take advantage of our new check out service with a purchase of a Drop-In card or by leaving a $50 deposit.

BSKD has a class schedule which includes training availability for dogs of all ages and behavior (or lack there of) levels. Our course of training begins with the young puppies in Puppy Kindergarten, and progresses through Junior Beginners, Beginners, Novice, Open, Utility, Advanced Practice Classes, Conformation, Agility, Clicker, Rally, Jr. Handling, and Free Style Dancing courses also available. We also offer tracking classes which are held at Chatfield State Park, southwest of the Denver Metro area.

Private lessons are also available from our trainers by appointment. Please check out the class schedule for more details.

Our trainers have completed an in depth year long course of study, followed by an apprenticeship with a trainer on the floor. These individuals have been invited to join our staff of trainers and are usually longtime students at the Center who have shown in Obedience, Conformation, Tracking, Herding, Agility, Lure Coursing, Earth Dog Trials, Rally, Free Style Dance, or some of the many other performance events available to humans and their dogs.

We invite your visit to our facility during class hours. Please check in at the desk with our trainers and office staff.

We wish to be of help!